Sweeping Up The Hidden Pieces

He uncovers deep things out of darkness, and brings the shadow of death to light.

Job 12:22

Months ago we had broken some glass on the porch. My husband had cleaned it up and was sure he had swept up all of the pieces. A couple of weeks ago as I was moving some furniture around on the porch, underneath a small dresser I found a couple of pieces of glass. They were hidden under the dresser. As I looked around, I found a few more smaller pieces. If these were stepped on with bare feet it would have hurt. As I swept up the few pieces of glass, some thoughts came to mind.

When we go through life, we can easily become broken and shattered by different situations and problems. Some things we are able to shake off but others we are not. When we come to Jesus, He cleans up much of the shattered pieces that we give to Him. Yet, there are those pieces we don’t see that remain hidden. Sometimes we may find a few pieces in the smallest corners of our heart and only become aware of them from cut they give us when touched. Other times we may step on the bigger pieces, cutting ourselves and hindering our spiritual walk from the cut. This could be something you had thought you forgave but when a similar situation happens again, you feel the cut and find yourself sifting through hurt emotions. You could see someone who had hurt you in the past and though you don’t think about the situation any longer, this person triggers certain emotions within you such as anger, rejection, jealousy, etc.

When we come across these hidden pieces of broken glass within us, we must surrender it to the Lord immediately so we don’t continue stepping on them and cutting ourselves causing unnecessary pain. There is always the risk of an infection from the cuts which can cause us to become even sicker with these emotions.

Have you come across some “hidden” pieces of glass within yourself that you thought were swept up and removed long ago? Don’t be discouraged! The work the Lord did within you back then was a mighty work. This new occurrence just means you have found some hidden pieces that need to be swept up and removed. 

Get with the Lord today and ask Him to expose any hidden sin that needs to be removed. Or if you stepped on a hidden piece, it is now exposed to you so you must surrender it to Him for Him to remove. Sometimes, when stepped on just right, those hidden pieces can cause major damage and pain so when they are discovered you must surrender it quickly so the Lord can remove it and save you from more severe damage that could occur.