What Are You Setting Your Mind On?


“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”

(Colossians 3:2)

Technology is a wonderful thing. Everyday new things come out that will make our world an easier place to live in. Everything is so much faster and being produced in major quantities. For our lives that means if we want information, we can get it at the tapping of a few keys. If we want our food cooked quicker, we only need to press a few buttons on a microwave. If we want to get somewhere faster, we fly. If we want our lawn mowed, for many of us we get on our riding lawn mowers and get it done quickly. These things and more make it easier and quicker to get things done and that can be a good thing. Yet, in our ever producing world, these are the very things that can take our focus off God and become our idolatry.

In the beginning of the year for our Bible study at our church we are teaching Breaking The Chains and I informed the class of what I really wanted to do when after the first couple of classes (but I didn’t do it). I wanted to stand at the door holding a basket and ask them to place their phones in the basket as they walked through the door. Then at the end of the class I would ask how they felt emotionally when they had to do this and the thoughts that ran through their minds throughout the class. I know them and some of them I know would have felt very anxious! How would you feel? Are you the type who could leave your phone home and think “no big deal” or are you the type who could not possibly see themselves without their phone as it’s your connection to everything and everyone? If you are the latter, then you have a serious problem on your hands.

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” (Matthew 6:20)

When we allow ourselves to become so attached to things that we can’t see ourselves living without it, we really are setting ourselves up for failure. First, it can become idolatry especially when our focus is more on it than God. We become more reliant on it rather than God. Next, we can lose the ability to do things that we should know how to do without the help of technology. Many in today’s world consider hard manual labor having to wash their own car. It sounds silly, but when we have items and machinery that can do the job for us, our views can change drastically. Again, these things aren’t bad, but the questions is…if these things were removed from your life, could you survive? Would you know how to survive if you didn’t have gas for the stove or a microwave? Would you know how to survive if you had no heat for your home? Would you know what to do to make simple repairs on items if no one was around to help you? Sadly, in today’s world, not many would be able to survive if electricity was off for a considerable amount of time and they had to make due without it. They may be good for a few days, maybe even a week, but then what?

God provides for our every need, but many have turned their eyes away from Him and rely more on the things that can give us what we want in a fraction of the time and with barely any work from us. The consequence, however, is that we become addicted to them and reliant on them. Faster isn’t always better and it can come with a price. These are all treasures that moth and rust can eat. We must store up treasures that moth and rust cannot eat because these are things within ourselves that nothing can eat away at. We must look at the treasures that will last forever. Things on this earth are only here for a time but the treasures the Bible is talking about are things we do that can allow us to live with God for all eternity such as spreading God’s word to others, sharing, helping others in their time of need…yes these are all works, but they are godly works that also keep our focus on God.  Instead, many choose to supply only for themselves and feed themselves and when they begin to run out, fear takes a hold of their heart. In that fear their whole outlook on life can change and in a moment’s notice they can transform from a caring individual to a fearful, fighting animal. All we have to do is watch those around us to understand. When you remove an emergency need or necessity or even a wanted item from a person’s life, watch the change in them. If one is close to God, there may be a concern, but they will trust in the Lord to provide for their need, wait on Him and continue on with life. But when one is not close to the Lord fear may enter their mind’s because they do not know where that emergency need will come from nor how to obtain it. Anxiety sets in and they may begin to do things they normally wouldn’t do.

This is why we must take a step back from anything that is taking up most of our time. We must learn to have balance in our lives…a balance of time. God should never be last on our list of items to get to but first on that list.

Where is God on your list? If you lost everything today, through your concern, would you feel any peace in knowing that God is in control and He will take care of you or would you worry yourself sick trying to figure how to get back what you lost to the point of doing something you wouldn’t normally do? When we have God, we never have to worry or fear.

Make a choice today to draw closer to God and allow Him to be your security blanket instead of the “things” in your life. Choose to trust that God will provide for your every need and watch Him work mightily in your life!

Lord, I ask you today to be my security blanket instead of the things in my life. Help me to surrender all of my idols to you so that I will focus on You instead. Show me any areas in my life where I need to come clean of my idols and place them at the cross so I may be free of them. I ask this in Jesus name…Amen.