Welcome To Testimonies


Everyone has a story to tell therefore every has a testimony of what their lives were like before Christ, once they came to Christ, and what their life was like after coming to Christ.

A testimony only gives a brief account of a persons life, but when that person looks back over their life, sometimes it doesn’t seem like there is enough paper in the world to cover their testimony. So many things that have happened, so many times where they saw the hand of God at work and times where they felt as though they couldn’t move one more step.

The fact remains that when we come to Christ, our lives will change and we will never be the same again. But how our others suppose to know it if a testimony is never given? We are obligated, as Christians, to give our testimonies so others will be able to know how great and powerful God really is. So many chains need to be broken in people and so many people need to know just what Christ is capable of doing for them, how much He loves them and how they can reach Him. What we take for granted in knowing about Christ and how he can free us, others have no clue about and therefore remain chained to their problems, issues and addictions.

Here are just a few testimonies that may help someone but there are thousands even millions more out there that need to be told. Remember back in biblical times they didn’t have the internet, social media, tv, or telephones to be able to spread the Gospel and their testimonies of what Christ had done for them…they only had word of mouth. 

Your testimony may be what someone needs to hear in order to be saved and set free through the power of Jesus Christ!