The Beginning


Breaking The Chains began as a thought around 2007 when I was asked to write a program for our church. Although I had been a leader and a Director for Celebrate Recovery (a great program!), I really had no clue how to even begin such a task and at the time I was going through my own process of healing that was extensive. Around the Fall of 2007 I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance and from there formed the table of contents…and then put it to the side until the Spring of 2008 when the Lord nudged me to complete the work. Again, I had no idea what to write but I knew if God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it and He did! At the time I was consuming the Word of God and doing exactly as it said for every situation that came my way. Needless to say, it wasn’t an easy walk because it meant I had to do everything opposite I had done all my life. There were many times my own walk was painful and difficult but the Lord would remind me of my promise to Him from years back to help others the way He helped me and He would repeat the same message over and over “patient endurance, endure the attacks patiently” and so I did and kept moving forward.

Every experience I went through and saw others go through assisted in forming the ministry. I have many journals with notes and observations regarding aspects of spiritual, physical and emotional healing. This is why in our ministry we advise members to keep journals throughout their journey of recovery so they can note everything from their emotional well being to ministering words from the Lord.

Once the manual was complete enough to run the ministry, we opened the doors of Breaking The Chains Biblical Recovery Ministry in September of 2008. Anyone who is in ministry knows that when you do the work of the Lord, there will always be spiritual opposition, but they also know that they serve a God who will battle for them so they can continue moving forward in their work. We had much spiritual opposition but God always came through for us and His truth remains…we are in victory through Jesus Christ!

Breaking The Chains continues today showing people how to break the chains of bondage through the power of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. There isn’t a chain that Christ can’t break, but it takes our willingness to be healed which sometimes means we must go through painful situations that we don’t want to face in order to become stronger. The best part is that Christ never leaves our side and is a constant source of encouragement and strength, we just don’t always see it because our focus is on our situation and our pain.

Our hope is that our ministry that the Lord has entrusted to us will bless those who are hurting and help lead them on the path to a permanent healing through Jesus Christ.