Thank You!

Sometimes in ministry work you wonder if you are really reaching people. I must admit there have been times in our recovery ministry where I asked God if He was sure this was where He wanted us to be. These were the times when few would attend or we had no one, yet we would be obedient and remain opened just in case. On some of those nights we stayed open, someone would come off the street just to talk and we were glad we were there. Other times we’d have several people come week after week needing what we had to offer. There were three times in the last 7 years that I went to the altar and inquired of God “are you sure this is where you want us Lord? Are we really helping anyone?” and three times He answered by the next day by having a prior member call or send them our way only to hear “ya know, your ministry really helped me a lot”. I considered those wonderful words of encouragement and kept moving. Even if I never heard those words, I still would have kept moving because when the Lord gives you a mission, you don’t stop until He tells you to stop.

Over the last year we have had to put BTC aside because of health issues with my husband and because we needed a rest. We were blessed to have a Pastor who realized this and pulled us out of everything so we could rest. During that time, God would still send someone our way here and there for us to lift up and encourage. As for the website, I would post things once in a while, but it kind of fell by the wayside. Although I knew we were receiving members, I sometimes wondered how far our website reached and if we were helping anyone. In my spirit, I knew that sometime in 2015 we would be starting up again, but I just wasn’t sure when. So we continued to move forward in our rest, work, and doing other things we knew the Lord was leading us to do.

The one thing I will say is that God has such a wonderful way of letting one know when you need to get your butt in gear and get moving again because rest time is almost over. Last year we had an email from one or two people wanting to utilize our material for their ministries. This year, however, we have not only received requests for our program, but phone calls to update our website because people depend on the help. Talk about a “wow!“ moment! For those who have called our church and left messages…THANK YOU! You have no idea how God has used you to lift us up and let us know that the work is about to begin again. For those who have requested our material, please be patient with us as we have a couple more steps to take before we can get it to you. We are humbled by the phone calls and requests and again say thank you! God has used you to get a message across to us and we hear Him and you! We apologize if we can’t post something every day as some have asked but what is written is only when the Lord provides the words to write, but we will do our best to update the website often.

So from the Director’s Desk we say thank you for your kind words and requests. We always welcome them!

May God bless you and keep you and provide for your every need. Continue to declare broken chains each and every day in the name of Christ. Never give up hope no matter how bad the situation looks. Remember…this in only a test! Rest in the Lord, surrender it to Him and trust in Him to take care of it. He will!